Live Video Marketing

We create strategy and we will produce Your Live Web Show to help you or your business become the ROCKSTAR in your industry! Imagine having your own show where you can interact with your customers in real time.
It is Video Marketing on Steroids

Build Your Brand Using Live Video Events

Live Video Streaming is a powerful tool. More businesses are taking serious notice of it as they begin to understand the potential it has for branding, lead generation, search and direct revenues.

When you’re like the majority of corporations currently, you have recognised social networking as a necessary part of any content-based online marketing strategy. By twitting you can share short-and-sweet specials, ideas, media headlines, along with photos and videos. With Facebook you can run prize draws, submit photos, along with link to blogs.
Live streaming will be a genuine game-changer which helps businesses create traction and expertise in their industry faster as compared to every other way.

The Benefits of Using Live Video Streaming for Business

Content Marketing

Struggling for fresh content? Live shows enable you to have your own broadcast network and produce your own “TV” style shows.
They are awesome for providing content, and content that can be re-purposed. Transcribing the show can make for a great blog post as well.

Killer Customer Service

You can use live video to troubleshoot problems and provide great customer service. Using video chat can help build trust and rapport with your clients — they will love being able to see a real person on the other side of the call.

Lead Generation

Create a buzz around your topic that will attract your current and future customers or like minded people. Establish you expertise by hosting regular live shows and nurture a community by interacting and engaging with them. Share your knowledge, offer Q&As sessions to help your customers.

SEO Juice

Everything that is shared online has the potential of showing up in Google search. The more people who are sharing and engaging with your posts and content, the better chance you have of ranking in search. This is especially relevant for personalized results, but there is also evidence that it affects search rankings in general.

Build Your Authority

Enabling your customers to interact face-to-face with you as influential source is a high-value experience that can help differentiate your brand and foster a community built on cooperation and trust.

Thought Leadership

Partnering with leading experts in your field helps build high-authority relationships — which results in high-authority links that can be beneficial to your brand’s thought leadership strategy.

Be A ROCKSTAR In Your Industry

Boost Your Online Authority Using Live Video Events!

Why Choose Us?

We take care of our customers and their business. Our aim is to grow your business quick. We work very hard to achieve it and we expect same from you. We do not bamboozle you with unrealistic results. Although we have few tricks in our toolbox – there is no magic button. All great businesses require hard work and you can count on that on our side.

We are in marketing business over 15 years. We have expertise in online and offline marketing, video marketing, social media marketing, email marketing, mobile marketing and many many more other types of marketing people hardly had heard about. Our knowledge is transferred directly into every project. If there is something we don’t know – we spend a lot of money and countless hours on exploring the subject. Knowledge is Power.

We educate our every client in terms of marketing, customer service, growing business online and offline, social media presence. From time to time we organise brainstorms to generate new ideas how to bring more money to their businesses. It’s the fun part.

Every client no matter how big or small – is our best client and we are very grateful for an opportunity to work together. We build fantastic relationships over time that very often lead to friendships – and we are proud of that.